France is known for so many different things, In fact, it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint one or two specific things that France is known for. Specifically, since France is world renowned for its wines, cheeses, the Eiffel Tower, Palace of Versailles, Mont Saint-Michel, the French Rivera, the Alps, Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Chartres, and the Provence. All of which makes tourists from all over the world covet the experiences that they can have by planning a trip to this country as early as possible.


Even though the places that people can visit is one of its main attractions, tourists cannot leave this country without eating some of the most popular dishes in the world. Eclairs and Profiteroles, Mousse au chocolate, Madeleines and other popular foods cannot be passed over whenever tourists are traveling thru the area. So, with all of the great foods choices that people can make, here are a few options that people can make their best French food selections from.


French Onion Soup


On a cold winter night, some foods tend to be more tasty and soothing than others. In some situations, those people who like the taste and aroma of a delicious cup of onion soup may start with the original French onion soup recipes. Meaning instead of the onions being simply being boiled, steamed or stir-fried, French chefs create an awesome tasting French onion soup by caramelizing the onions into a nice brown color first. The aroma that comes from the caramelized onions is part of the classic tradition of serving this soup to others. In addition to making sure the French onion soup being cooked perfectly to taste and served, several slices of baquettes baked with cheese is just what is needed to capitalize on a great meal.


Crepe Suzettes


Another popular food that comes from France is the crepe suzette. In fact, this dish may be referred to as one of the most popular or famous dishes around the globe. Crepe suzettes can be found in many well-known restaurants, especially those that know how to duplicate recipes that they have found from France. Specifically, since the main purpose of following these recipes is to ensure that these crepes come out light, silky smooth and fluffy. In order to make them with the right ingredients, chefs recommend using orange juice, rind and water.


Lobster Thermidor


France is also well known for serving up great seafood dishes. Meaning all of the popular French dishes are not confined to great tasting sweet deserts. Therefore, when people look at what the French chefs have to offer, they usually find that there are dishes that contain lobster and other meats. Therefore, for those who are interested in knowing what it is in French dishes like lobster thermidor, you will probably notice that this dish is made of egg yolks, brandy, and a mixture of creamy meat. To make sure this food comes out with a beautiful oven-browned cheese crust, cheese is sprinkled or poured liberally on the top.


French Croissants


French pastries are also a big hit in countries all over the globe. Because French Chefs have done a great job of being creative with their presentations, everyone gets a chance to enjoy pastries like the French Croissants. In fact, it does not matter where these foods are being made, the fresh aroma of warm buttery breads can be instantly captivating to anyone who walks by. Also, french croissants are now being served at the breakfast table, lunch, and at a dinner time. So, they can also be made in different ways, especially because these recipes may entail using white icing, chocolate icing and other toppings to enhance their flavor as they are customized to the occasion.


Steak frites


Another common French dish that is served in France and many other places abroad is the steak frites. In fact, based on various reputable claims, this dish has been voted France’s national dish. As a result of its overall popularity, no tourists trip to France would be complete without it. Therefore, this is a very dish on menus all over France. It is also important to note that steak frites can be made in a number of different ways including asking for it rare.

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