Pakistani food has a specific taste and flavor. Many people do not have access to Pakistani foods but they should try this food. There is a plenty of flavor and a taste that a person will love. These are some of the best Pakistani dishes to try.


This is a rice dish with a lot of flavor and a little bit of spice. While this dish is made with lamb, chicken can also be used if lamb is hard to find. It does take a while to make this dish but the flavors all blend together and the wait is well worth it. This dish is served with a togurt called raita to help cool the pallet.

Creamy Moong Daal

This is a creamy dish that is mad with lentils. It is also served with some green herbs to add additional flavor. The texture of this dish can vary based on what a person likes. It can be made thick and creamy or stock can be added to give it a more soupy texture. This dish is often served with rice to help soak up the broth. It can also be served with naan which is a traditional Pakistani bread.

Kashmiri Chai

This is a sweet milk that shows that not everything in Pakistani cooking is filled with a lot of spice. This milky treat can be served as a dessert or some people like to serve it during the morning hours. A special tea is made with some milk. On top of the tea are crushed almonds and pistachios to make it more filling and give it a little bit of a crunch. This drink is filled with flavor and will give a new take to drinking a cup of milk.


This is a warm and a filling dish. Many Pakistani cooks consider this dish to be comfort food. This dish is made in Pakistan with lamb but it can also be made with chicken is lamb is not available. This is a spicy dish and plenty of coriander is used. The dish has a nice and spicy broth and the meat to make it filling. This dish also has the flavors or chili, ginger, and lemon juice. A person can add some onions if they like. This dish can be served with naan bread as well.


This drink is refreshing and will offer a nice and cool drink on a hot day. This is a great summer drink and is often used as a dessert course in Pakistani cooking. This drink is cool and creamy. It is made with both milk and ice cream. There is also a little bit of jelly added for flavor. To make this a filling drink thin noodles, basil, and rose syrup are also added.


For a person looking at this dish they may not immediately find it appetizing. This dish is very tasty and once a person has a bite they will be hooked. This is a dish where the meat in minced with and loaded with spices. These spices include coriander, cinnamon, and pepper. Lamb is used for this dish but it can be substituted with chicken.


This is a healthy dish in Pakistani cooking. This is another dish that looks like a soup but the texture is thicker than the average soup. This soup is a mixture of lentils and meat. It can be topped with a number of things including lemon juice, fried onions, coriander, chili, and some ginger. This is a lot of spice to this dish and a lot of flavor.


This is the traditional break used in Pakistan. It can be served with a number of dishes. This is a staple in Pakistani meals and is served with just about every dish. It is light and airy. This bread is great for accompanying dishes that are spicy such curries. This bread is also used to make meals more filling.

These are some of the best dishes in Pakistani cooking. This cooking is full of flavor. If a person wants to experience something new they should try Pakistani food. They will be surprised at how much flavor this food is filled with.

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