Turkey is a country that is not only famous for its beauty, but is also extremely well-known for its rich and delicious cuisine that is a mixture of the Central Asian, Middle Eastern and the Balkan cuisines. The Turkish cuisine is mainly inspired from the Ottoman cuisine. From stews to kebabs – the Turkish cuisine is cheap, delicious and homely and we are going to mention some of the best Turkish food dishes out here for you. (Let us tell you that selecting the best ones have been a rather difficult, but scrumptious, job for us!) So let’s get started!

1. Kokorec:

One of the most popular Turkish dishes, Kokorec is barbecued sheep intestines. Now this idea might sound repulsive to many, but if you could just get your brain past that, you could enjoy a classic Turkish delight and your taste buds will certainly seem to agree. Even though it is easily available throughout the country you will get the best Kokorec in Besiktas, Istanbul, at Gala Kokorec. The dish is a spicy one so ensure you tell them to make it less spicy if spicy food is not your cup of tea.

2. Iskender kebab:

Imagine beef doner meat placed on top of freshly made side bread and loaded with butter, yogurt and tomato sauce. Your mouth is already watering, right? So is ours! If you’re in Turkey, you cannot leave the country without trying out the Iskender Kebab. It’s a bit expensive dish, but worth every penny!

3. Borek:

If you like having meat and cheese stuffed in your pie, then Borek will certainly be one of your favorites. Easily available in bakeries, though you will get a better version of this dish from shops that specialize in Boreks, these pies are stuffed with meat, cheese, potatoes or spinach. There are different kinds of Boreks – from the su (water) borek where the pastry is soft to the cigara borek (cigarette pie) – that you can choose to gorge on!

4. Pide:

This is turkish version of the classic Pizza which is topped with a gracious amount of meat, cheese or vegetables or even all of them. Cooked slowly in a large burning oven, it provides a distinct taste and flavor to the dish!

5. Kofte:

One of the most amazing dishes hailing from Turkey, Kofte are meat balls that are served just like that or cooked in tomato based gravy making it a rich and sinful dish that will leave you yearning for more every time you sit down to have it! It is easily available throughout the country at affordable prices.

6. Kahvalti (Turkish breakfast):

The Turkish breakfast consists of a hell load of good food that will make you feel nothing less than a kid in a candy store! Different kinds of meat, cheese, olives, pastries, breads, jams, butter and eggs! You can also add a dish of menemen which is a tomato and egg dish that tastes brilliant! Don’t leave Turkey without stuffing yourself with Turkish breakfast at least once.

7 Midye:

Muscles filled with black pepper flavored rice is a delicious combination that is easily available at affordable rates. If you decide to have some, you must know that you will be charged per piece of the empty shells that you’ll leave behind, so you must be careful as it is common to get carried away and consume so much, that the bill will leave you surprised (not in a good way)! So bargain with the seller first before you sit down to enjoy some while you’re touring near the sea.

8. Doner Kebab:

This is one of the most popular dishes of Turkey, that is also easily available throughout the world. However, the classic, distinct flavor is not something that you will get anywhere else apart from Turkey. While you are here, try out the dish at least once and you will know why the doner kebab in Turkey enjoys the reputation that it does.

9. Balik Ekmek

This dish is a fish sandwich that you will only find along the Bosphorus. You mostly get salt water fish along with a salad, gently placed between two slices of bread. You can get some really good Balik Ekmek at the restaurants but they can get a bit expensive.

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