Singapore, the Lion City, ranks highly in quality of life and personal safety. Something that every tourist is concerned about. Despite the small size of Singapore, it has varied forms of cultures and diversified languages, religions. People from Malaysia, China, India are the citizens of Singapore.


With such diversity, there is a mixture of western culture, Chinese culture, and Malay culture. Despite having difference in customs and religions, the strength of the city lies in its religious harmony. Singapore has flourished in arts, sports, media, and its cuisine is on every tourist’s menu.


The Top Singaporean Food Items You Should Try Out for Yourself


The diversity of food is the reason for many tourist to visit the country and try the wonderful Singapore creations. The ethnicity of each culture remains intact in its dishes. The diversity has increased with the hybridization in different forms of dishes.

  1. 1. Laksa


Combination of Chinese and Malay flavors, Laksa is a bowl full of deliciousness. What makes up Laksa is noodles, often rice noodles, with added gravy or curry. Vegetables and herbs are also added to increase its nutritious value. Sometimes Laksa contains coconut milk too, which is considered as the traditional Singapore Curry Laksa along with shrimp, fish slices (now this is hybridization.) Laksa can be curry laksa or asam laksa. In Singapore, there are many famous Laksa restaurants, the deliciousness is uniqueness is everywhere.


Laksa can be curry laksa or asam laksa. In Singapore, there are many famous Laksa restaurants, the deliciousness is uniqueness is everywhere.

  1. 2. Satay


How can meat turn into heaven? By making Satay. It is skewed turmeric marinated meat, grilled on open fire. (that barbeque kind of feeling!) It is Indonesia origin with influence from India and Middle East, but now spread till Singapore. It is a common dish found in hawker food centers. Mostly chicken, beef or mutton is mixed with other ingredients.

  1. 3. Bak Kut Teh


One of the popular dishes not only in Singapore but throughout Malaysia and China. Bak Kut Teh is of Chinese origin. Bak Kut Teh is a pork bone tea. (tea and pork, how?) Well, tea is not in the recipe of Bak Kut Teh, but it is said that tea is taken as a complimentary with this dish. It includes boiled pork, pepper, lots of garlic, salt for taste. It is boiled till the pork soaks in the mesmerizing flavors. It is eaten with along with bowls of rice or sometime tofu (and hot Chinese tea! Don’t forget the tea)

  1. 4. Char Kway Teow


If Singapore has influence of China, how come we forget the noodles. The local favourites among the noodles is the Char Kway Teow. It is stir fired noodles in Singapore which contains dish of rice noodles. The additional ingredients make this dish even more luring. Fried eggs, soy sauce, chillies, shrimp paste. It takes skills to make the perfect Char Kway Teow. (you might end up with a lump of it! Better try out in a restaurant). It’s not so spicy and has sweet soft texture.

  1. 5. Chai Tow Kway (Carrot Cake)


Sounds like a dessert? No, this is far beyond. This is the Singapore version. It’s not what you would get at your neighborhood cake shop. Chai Tow Kway, also called Carrot Cake, doesn’t contain carrots. It is made of eggs, chai poh or radish and white radish flour cake which resembles like white carrot. (Oh! All right) This is popular both in Singapore and Malaysia. Where there is white, there is a black. There is a black version to this dish.


Sweet sauce is the ingredient added to it. Also, it is available with a crisp, by making it as a crust. This is also found in almost all the hawker food centers throughout the city. You can find the existence of this dish in Thailand and Vietnam. This is a bit heavy and greasy salty snack food. (just so you are comfortable with it) But it sure does taste good.


Singapore feels like home. Even biryani is one of the dish that is popular in Singapore. Because of such diversity and cultures, this is a perfect arena to try out different flavors and mix-and-match the ingredients to bring some heavenly food!


If you are looking to head off to Singapore soon, these are the dishes that you should really try out – they are sure to make your experience a better one.

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