It is an undeniable fact that Thai food is some of the most flavorful and complex mixes of spices and ingredients in the world. In comparison, Thai food has layers upon layers of flavor that most cultures cannot compare to. The Thai culture blends bold and aromatic flavors to dazzle the taste buds. Thai food has a reputation for being spicy because they love to use chilies in most of their dishes, but aside from spicy the cuisine has a blend of sour, sweet, savory, and uses some of the tastiest ingredients on the planet. If you have not had the opportunity to try Thai food, the foods below would be a great introduction to the wonderful flavors that Thai food incorporates. Don’t be surprised if you begin to crave these incredible dishes regularly.


Tom Yum

Tom Yum is a common Thai clear soup that is made with plenty of heat from the chilies that are used to make it. It is found in most Thai restaurants and is a favorite of the people of Thailand. It is generally made from lime juice, chilis, fish sauce, lime leaves, and lemongrass mixed with whatever type of meat that you wish to add to it. It is packed with flavor and heat and makes the perfect dish when you are in the mood for something with tons of flavor and spice.


Mango Sticky Rice

This common Thai dish is simple and delicious. It is usually served as a dessert, but can double as a late night snack. It combines traditional sticky rice with sweet, ripe mangos and coconut creme syrup. This dish is quite sweet and will satisfy any sweet tooth you might have. This is also the perfect dish for someone that is just learning to make Thai food to experiment in the kitchen with.


Pad Thai

Pad Thai is the most common Thai dish available in the country. It is not only a staple in the U.S. but in Thailand as well. The Pad Thai we get in restaurants may be slightly different than the version that is made in homes in Thailand. In most cases, however, both will be tasty and most people that enjoy richly flavored food will enjoy this dish made from noodles, bean sprouts, green onions, and peanut sauce. The exact recipe can vary quite a bit and some versions may have more heat than others.


Som Tum

Som Tum is green papaya salad. It is a common Thai dish that packs a punch of flavors. The salad consists of a mix of green beans, raw shredded papaya, cherry tomatoes, chilies, and garlic. If you get the dish in Thailand, the locals like to add their own special toppings that can range from salted crab to dry shrimp and peanuts. This is a strong flavored dish and is quite the experience for the taste buds.


Tom Kha Kai

This traditional Thai soup consists of Chicken in coconut broth. The soup infuses chilies, galangal, shallots, lemongrass, and chicken. This soup is full of creamy texture and pleasing flavor. It smells sweet and tastes complex and has a depth of flavor that is uncommon in soups from other parts of the world. Traditionally, the soup is topped off with lime leaves and the coconut tones down the spice while adding an extra layer of flavor.


Gaeng Daeng

This dish is red curry mixed with coconut milk and chicken with vegetables. It is usually topped with lime leaves and is one of the best foods to introduce your palate to the bold flavors of Thai food. It is rich, savory, and a little spicy. It has incredibly deep flavors and is very satisfying. This is one of the dishes that you will crave if you discover that you have a taste for Thai food.


Once you get accustomed to the richness and complexities of Thai food you will be hooked. Although these are some of the best dishes in Thai cuisine, there are plenty more out there for you to discover. Many of the common dishes will be slightly different depending on which country you eat the food in. If you travel to Thailand, you will notice that there are a great variety of methods that they prepare their food, so the one dish you get at a particular restaurant might be quite different than what you would get from a food truck or in a home. It is hard to go wrong with Thai food and if you have never tried it, you are in for a big treat.

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