Spain is a perfect package for a summer vacation or just any random vacation. A ‘no’ for a trip to Spain is a big ‘NO!’ With its diversified regions and each having their own culture, Spain looks as beautiful as ever.


Spain is famous for many things – Music (have you ever tried to sit idle while listening to Spanish songs, no, you just do that little dance), Football (more than just a game), coastal regions (the beaches, sunbath, and juice), the language – espanol (a lot of which you get to learn from Enrique’s song), the city life, streets of Spain.


Buen provecho! THE FOOD! Spanish food is amongst the top cuisines in the world, with its amazing flavors and aroma. While some of the traditional recipes date back to centuries, the taste of Spanish food remains the same – surprisingly delicious.


While you might love Chinese or Indian food, there are a number of other cuisines that you should be looking to try out as well.


If you are heading off to Spain, here is a look at few of the foods that you should be trying out.


  1. Gazpacho


The first food that you need to try out is the Gazpacho. It’s one heck of a preparation, and includes everything from the reddest tomatoes to bread, garlic, pepper and more – all blended together to give you the royal feel.


It’s one of the summer dishes in Spain, though you can really have them any time you want. Should you be in France in the summer, look out for the dish in the counters of the tapas bars. There is also a different version here of the dish – called the salmorejo from Córdoba.


  1. Paella


The other dish that you should be trying out is this – it’s a dish made of rice but unlike anything you’ve tasted before. It’s a paradise for the non-veg lovers here – since you can make the dish from anything from chicken to rabbits.


While you do mix it up with ingredients like runner beans and butter beans the primary ingredient is rice.


  1. Tapas


Let’s go out for Tapas! Just like Dosa is to South India or Vada Pav is to Mumbai, Tapas is to Spain. Often cities like Madrid provide this delicacy for free to tourists after you order a drink in bar or pub. (free food, aren’t you already in love with Spain?) The specialty about this dish is, it is not a perfect meal – the lunch type or dinner type (would it even matter? If it’s that delicious eat it all day). Eat it anytime, and anywhere. Eating tapas has a verb describing it in the Spanish language – “tapear”. (“What are you doing?” I’m tapearing! Cool.)


Spain’s tapas are a gourmet exploration. 15th June is World’s Tapas Day, basically celebrated in Spainevery day.


  1. Patatas bravas

Potato Potato everywhere, but the tastiest of them all is in Spain. Patatas bravas is a dish containing chunks of fried potatoes. (how is this different from the potatoes we eat?) Well, there are some other ingredients which makes the simple potato subtly delicious. This dish varies in different regions on the ingredients that are topped on fried potatoes.


Bravas sauce is sweet and spicy (not tangy, as tomatoes aren’t a part of this dish) and might include – Spanish paprika, olive oil, mock etc., Some people add garlic and other spicy/sweet ingredients, while some keep their ingredients secret. (Sshhh, just indulge in the flavors)


  1. Croquettes


Another common mouth-watering dish in the country that is found almost at any restaurants. Croquetas (in Spanish) has its own recipe (some people include their grandma’s secret ingredients) along with ingredients ham, fish, béchamel sauce, etc., Try the queso, which is creamy cheese croquettes. (do I need to describe it any further? It has cheese! Just grab one and put the whole in mouth) Some of the types of croquettes are Ham and béchamel croquette, Blue cheese croquette, Mushroom croquette. You can make your own version of croquette from its recipe.



  1. Tortilla Espanola

What is true love? Tortilla Espanola. If you love eggs, then this is your destination. Tortilla Espanola is the Spanish version of Omelette. There are various kinds of this dish having thicker or thinner texture, but the traditional recipe tells us that it contains eggs, potatoes, onion, salt, and pepper for taste. Overall this tastes much more than the simple ingredients added to it.


After Tapas, Tortilla is the most common dish in the country. The recipe of this dish is easy to prepare, fry the potatoes and onions in a pan, then mix beaten egg. Add your secret ingredients and tadaa, cook it and it’s done!

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